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Does Auto Insurance Cover Damages From Natural Disasters?

With every passing year, it feels like natural disasters are becoming more and more common. It does not take very long for people to come up with multiple examples of natural disasters that have wreaked havoc on different regions of the world. While most people think of their homes when it comes to things like floods, earthquakes, and fires, there’s another critical piece of your life you need to keep in mind: your car. Natural disasters, often called ‘catastrophes’ in the auto insurance world, can strike at any time, but the coverage for different events can greatly vary. This is why it is so important to be knowledgeable about the natural disasters in your area, and whether or not your vehicle needs additional insurance coverage.

Here are some of the natural disasters that people need to be aware of, along with some other useful information:


The number of automobiles that are destroyed by flooding each year is a lot larger than most people would guess. There are very few places in the world that safe from the risk of flooding, With rivers, lakes, and storms, as well as oceans all over the country, it takes more than drying your cars out to fix a vehicle that has been damaged by flooding. Many people are also not aware that once the water level where your car rises above your wheels, your vehicle is at risk for expensive damage.

Coverage Level Average Annual Premium
Liability-Only $672
$500 Deductible $1,427
$1,000 Deductible $1,268


Hurricanes are both unpredictable and devastating. Along with causing similar issues to floods, Hurricanes bring strong winds that can knock over trees and easily pick up debris; damage can come from both of these things, as well as flooding. The risk from hurricanes is not the same everywhere in the country, and people who live in the Gulf region of the United States in the southeastern area of the country are most at risk. Damage from hurricanes to vehicles can bring costly repairs, and these repairs can throw a person's finances into peril without proper car insurance coverage. If you are located in an area that is at risk for hurricanes, you will likely want to get hurricane coverage as soon as you arrive. Due to law, it takes 30 days before insurance coverage goes into effect from the time that you sign your policy.

Will my car insurance premium increase after a hurricane?

Year After Accident Average Annual Premium
0 (no accident) $1,427
1 Year Later $1,525
2 Years Later $1,623
3 Years Later $1,721


High heat and smoke can be very damaging to cars; many people who escape wildfires report smoke damage, burned frames, and melted headlights. The damage that fire causes vehicles each year is vast, bringing expensive bills to many Americans. Almost every community in the United States has some risk of fire, though the southwestern states have had the most covered events in recent years. States like California may have a higher risk, but getting insurance coverage can be a godsend in many other states as well. Make sure to look into the risk of fires in your area, and even if you think the risk is low, consider getting insurance to cover you. For anyone who believes that there may be a risk of fire damage to their vehicle, coverage can be a smart idea.

Insurer Average Annual Premium
Allstate $1,902
Farmers $1,237
Liberty Mutual $1,520
Nationwide $1,273
Progressive $1,793
State Farm $1,769
USAA $967

How To Get Protected From These Natural Disasters

The best way to make sure your car is covered in the event of these catastrophes is to make sure you have a comprehensive coverage plan. Each of these natural disasters is covered with comprehensive insurance. Adding this to your automobile insurance policy will help protect you from floods, hurricanes, fires, and other natural disasters as well. It is also possible to purchase protection for your vehicle for individual types of disasters, but the difference between purchasing coverage for all of these and just for one of them is often not that different.

Comprehensive insurance can also protect people in cases of theft and vandalism, which is good protection to have anywhere. The rates people pay for comprehensive coverage will correlate in some ways with the risk of natural disaster in the area. Free online quotes on this site can help you determine what your rates would be, and with the tools here and the help of car insurance agents, you will have a solid understanding of how much comprehensive insurance to purchase.

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