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Car insurance in Greer,SC

Auto Body Shops in Greer, SC

  • Scruggs Body Shop

    2184 New Bruce Rd, Greer, SC 29651, USA

    +1 864-895-4268

  • John Harris Body Shop

    635 W Wade Hampton Blvd, Greer, SC 29650, USA

    +1 864-479-9120

  • Eastside Collision Center

    201 Tandem Dr, Greer, SC 29650, USA

    +1 864-968-9532

  • Sonny's Body Shop

    2333 Locust Hill Rd, Greer, SC 29651, USA

    +1 864-877-7665

  • Barry Pittman Body Shop

    2742 S Old Hwy 14, Greer, SC 29650, USA

    +1 864-848-4727

  • Bradshaw Goodwrench Auto Body

    14000 E Wade Hampton Blvd, Greer, SC 29651, USA

    +1 864-879-3536

  • Maaco Collision Repair & Auto Painting

    102 Executive Dr, Greer, SC 29651, USA

    +1 864-649-0769

  • Benson Collision Repair

    400 W Wade Hampton Blvd, Greer, SC 29650, USA

    +1 864-848-5330

  • Tim's Body Shop

    968 W Gap Creek Rd, Greer, SC 29651, USA

    +1 864-879-3682

  • Bridwells Body Shop

    1011 River Rd, Greer, SC 29651, USA

    +1 864-848-3106

  • Drummond Body Shop

    410 Morgan St, Greer, SC 29651, USA

    +1 864-848-0618

  • JJH Custom Automotive & Motorcycle Design LLC

    520 Victor Hill Rd, Greer, SC 29651, USA

    +1 864-451-9141

  • Moon Tire & Auto

    103 Oneal Rd, Greer, SC 29651, USA

    +1 864-879-3524

  • DentSmith Paintless Dent Repair

    104 Francis St, Greer, SC 29651, USA

    +1 864-363-6824


I accidently rode my mother’s car into a small bush running errands in Greer SC. Thinking fast, I contacted her car insurance company Burnett Insurance Agency, although eventually she got a hold of the situation. Fast forward a few days later, and the bumper I took off, as a result of the accident, was back on and the car was back to new. I have learnt through that experience, as a matter of fact, that Burnett Insurance Agency is extremely cheap and has a great response to urgency.
Besides being driven around, I know the least on topics of car insurance. My driver, on the other hand, does and recommends Burnett insurance as a cheap provider of car insurance services in Greer SC so far. Since I foot the cost of the maintenance of the vehicle, I agree with him.

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