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Can you buy a car and take it home the same day?

The excitement of purchasing a new vehicle, whether it is used or just in from the factory, can leave people wondering if they can buy a car and take it home on the same day. There are different things to take into consideration here, but you should know that whether or not you have insurance can affect this. In some cases, people’s vehicles have been totaled, and they need a new vehicle to get to work the next day. People sometimes purchase a car for their teenager or are simply looking for a truck for the summer to transport materials for their yard. Regardless of the reason, it is possible to buy a car and take it home with you the same day. There are things you will need to know to do this legally, however.

Can You Buy A Car And Take It Home The Same Day?

First off, just because you can purchase a vehicle quickly and take it home with you does not mean that you should. Taking the time to buy the right car for you and go through all of the necessary steps to make sure that it does not have hidden damage is essential. Once you have selected the vehicle you want to purchase, however, you may want to take it off of the lot with you the same day you purchase it. If your purchase has a deadline, it is possible to buy a vehicle in one day.

The first step is to locate the car that you want to purchase. Some people choose to do this online, and other people like to visit dealerships physically. People who have less time available may choose the online option. Once you have found the vehicle you are interested in buying, you can agree on a price and make a deal. Talk to the online business's internet manager and ask for the dealer's best price and whether there are any rebates or other incentives available. Write these figures down and call the dealership.

Utilize the true market value of the vehicle, which can be found online, to start your negotiating process. Offer $500 below the TMV for the car and negotiate upward. If the pricing is above the true market value of the vehicle, discuss why. Consider looking at other dealerships for better prices on the make, year, and model of that particular vehicle. Once you have accepted a deal, it is time to arrange for the delivery of the car itself.

In some cases, you may need to travel to where the vehicle is to pick it up, and in other cases, the dealership will bring the vehicle to you. Either way, you may be able to get a one-hour briefing on the car if it is a new car. This can be done the same day the car is purchased, or scheduled for another day.

If You Already Have Car Insurance

If you have car insurance already, your insurance policy will likely cover you when you drive a new vehicle off the lot. You will want to check with your car insurance company to make sure this is the case and ask them how long the policy you have will cover the new vehicle. This can be up to four days but is sometimes less. Some policies will only cover a car from the drive from the dealership to your home. Your auto insurance company can clarify this information for you. Make sure to buy an insurance plan for the new vehicle as quickly as you can. At American Insurance, you can get free quotes for car insurance on your new vehicle. Get the best prices for car insurance available here, comparing multiple companies for the top insurance rates.

If You Don’t Have Insurance

If you do not have an insurance policy, odds are the dealership will not let you drive the vehicle off of the property. You may need to contact car insurance carriers in order to get a policy before the purchase is completed. This is especially true if you are financing or leasing a vehicle.

How To Add Car Insurance Before You Buy

While you can add your vehicle to your current policy by calling your automobile insurance provider, it also makes sense to comparison shop and sees if you can get a better rate. Many companies offer a multicar discount, and some companies have larger discounts like these than others. By comparing multiple companies when you purchase a new vehicle, you can get the best deals for car insurance available. Take note of the VIN on your car and use the tools on this website to get the top deals for car insurance available. This will allow you to drive off of the dealership lot with your new vehicle with confidence.

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