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What is the Illinois Exchange/Marketplace?

When people are looking into purchasing new health insurance plans, navigating all of the choices can be stressful. The available choices, however, give a significant amount of flexibility to people who are looking to purchase health insurance coverage. American Insurance is here to make the process a lot easier. By providing the best information on health insurance available, in addition to the tools for comparing plan features and prices, the process is easy. At American Insurance, you can find a fantastic plan that fits in your budget and get enrolled quickly and efficiently. If you are concerned about high premiums, you may be able to qualify for subsidies that can lower your health insurance costs. Over 80% of Illinois residents were eligible for lower health insurance premiums in the year 2018.

What Is The Illinois Exchange/Marketplace?

By visiting the Illinois Exchange, you can get comprehensive coverage. By getting a list of all of the plans available to you here on this website, you can compare plans that suit your needs the best. Dental plans and vision plans are also available, and finding a plan is easier to do here than on the federal exchange. With hundreds of nationally recognized companies offering plans, you can find an Affordable Care Act-compliant plan that covers all of your needs. In addition, you can get more information on deductible levels, co-pays, premiums, and other factors that impact which policy will be best for you.

Open enrollment for the year runs from early November to mid-December. A special enrollment period is also available for people who have experienced qualifying life events. Not only can you consider purchasing health insurance plans through the Illinois Marketplace, but short-term plans are also available.

The state of Illinois operates an exchange in partnership with the federal government. Since the federal government recently decreased the advertising budget for healthcare plans and resources, getting the best information has not been as easy to do. This is where American Insurance comes into the picture. Use the tools on this site to learn more about the available health insurance plans, and also to get free quotes on health insurance policies to help you select the best health insurance plans this year.

What Coverages Do Illinois Plans Offer

ACA compliant healthcare plans are required to have healthcare coverage for ten essential benefits. The list of benefits includes outpatient care, mental health and substance abuse services, pediatric services, lab tests, hospital inpatient care, emergency room visits, postnatal and prenatal care, preventative services, and rehabilitation services. Even though this is the basic minimum coverage, an Affordable Care Act plan is required to have some health insurance plans to offer other benefits, and not every health insurance plan is the same. Some of them cover different prescription drugs, so make sure to compare each policy you are considering to make sure your needs are met by the plan.

Types Of Health Insurance Plans

There are four main types of health insurance plans that people can purchase at the health insurance marketplace for the state of Illinois. These include Bronze Plans, caps over Plans, Gold Plans, and Platinum Plans. In addition, catastrophic plans are sometimes available to people when needed. Each level of health insurance plan listed pays for a different portion of healthcare expenses. In addition to the portion of your healthcare bills your plan pays for, you do have expenses that you will need to cover. These include your premium, co-pays, coinsurance, and deductible. Make sure to suit your needs when considering all of these things. The best plan for you will depend on a number of variables and can vary from one person to the next.

Carriers Who Offer Plans On The Illinois Marketplace

Numerous carriers in the state of Illinois offer health insurance plans. Some of the companies that offer plans include the Celtic Insurance Company, Health Alliance Medical Plan Inc, Cigna, Unity, Health Care Service Corporation, and there are others as well. Use this website to comparison shop for health insurance plans and get the best prices for health insurance available.

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