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What is deferred adjudication for a traffic ticket?

Deferred adjudication is a judicial decision that ends legal proceedings through a judgment of acquittal, conviction, or dismissal of a case. Depending on your state's laws, this can be handled in many ways when it comes to speeding tickets. In the state of Texas, deferred abdication can be used as a type of probation, though it is only available after a plea of guilty or a no-contest plea. The judge can postpone the finding of guilt and place the defendant on deferred adjudication. If the defendant in the case follows the terms and conditions as outlined, once the probationary period ends, the ticket will be dismissed. If these terms are violated, however, the probation can be revoked. If this happens, the conviction will appear on the defendant's driving record, and possibly their criminal record as well. Each state has different guidelines for deferred adjudication.

Reading up on how your state handles them is important if you are considering this course of action.

Some states, such as Florida, allow drivers to attend traffic school rather than get points. Upon successful completion of driver school, the points from the ticket will not be put on the person's driving record. If they do not complete the requirements of this type of deferred adjudication, however, they will still receive the points. People can find deferred adjudication of this type, and others, beneficial because their car insurance rates will not go up due to the points on the license. In addition, their policy could be canceled due to some violations, which can also be sometimes avoided by choosing deferred adjudication. 

What Is Deferred Adjudication For A Traffic Ticket?

Deferred adjudication can be used for many types of violations, not just ones related to automobiles. If you get deferred adjudication for a traffic ticket, there will be other requirements that need to be met for a successful outcome. Your states Department of Motor Vehicles will be able to inform you if your state will totally dismiss a speeding ticket you have received if you choose to defer adjudication as a way to deal with the citation. The court listed on your ticket is another resource that can be used for more information.

Is Offense Dismissed If You Choose Deferred Adjudication For A Speeding Ticket?

This can vary from one state to the next, though in many cases, the answer is yes. If you have received a speeding ticket, researching deferred adjudication can be highly beneficial. If a person receives points on their driver’s license, their auto insurance rates can go up when they choose to renew their policy. Keep in mind that every few years, you should compare rates from multiple companies using the tools on this website. Comparison-shopping for better car insurance rates often is a fantastic way to save money. Get the best rates for car insurance available with the free quote tools here, and check back often as the car insurance rates you receive from each company will vary from one year to the next.

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