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SR-50 Insurance

Every state is going to have differing mandates around insurance requirements for driving. It’s important to keep yourself updated on the policies surround insurance when living in any particular state. Don’t assume that because you met the requirements in California, that you’ll meet the requirements in Indiana. This is the kind of thinking that can get you into trouble if you’re not careful.

It’s prudent to check in with the local Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) to make sure that you’ve met all of the requirements. If you’re living in Indiana, getting a traffic violation without having the proper insurance, may mean your subject to a one-year suspension of driving privileges. If your license is suspended, then you’ll owe a reinstatement fee that costs between $150 to $300, and you’ll be required to have an affidavit of current insurance, referred to as an SR-50 form, completed and sent to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles by the company insuring you.

Checking out the local BMV’s website to make sure you have all of the proper forms of proof with you is of the utmost importance. It’s not worth the hassle you’ll go through, that could’ve been avoided with just a few simple check-ins and phone calls. Here are the guidelines for living a safe and healthy driving life in Indiana, when it comes to your insurance.

What Is SR-50 Insurance?

SR-50 insurance is going to be one of the most important forms to carry with you when living and driving in Indiana. Why is that? Because it’s the form of proof that you have current auto insurance on the car you’re driving. This is a type of insurance that is specific to Indiana and will show the beginning and ending date of your current auto insurance policy. It will be the document you’ll show if you are ever pulled over by a traffic official, and you don’t have an SR-50 form or Affidavit of Current Insurance (the other title used to describe this form), you may have your driving privileges suspended immediately. It’s not worth taking a chance with, because the penalties can be severe.

Insurance Requirements in the State of Indiana

Like most states, Indiana requires that you maintain auto insurance coverage for the length of owning, or driving, a vehicle. You can decide the level of coverage you wish to maintain, but it’s recommended that you have enough coverage to pay for any accident you might cause.

None of us want to think in terms of how we’re going to screw up, but it’s best to plan ahead for the just-in-case moments. Your auto insurance is exactly that. It’s the just-in-case you were distracted, had a coffee spill on you, had to avoid a pedestrian, narrowly missed a stopped vehicle, etc., protection put in place for the unknown. You can keep the least amount of coverage on your car and still legally drive, but if you damage someone else’s property, yourself, or a passenger, you’ll most likely need extra coverage to cover the costs. No one wants to end up in a lawsuit, and having better car insurance may keep you from that ever happening. Check your budget at the time of purchasing insurance, the slight increase in cost could possibly save you a lot of money in the long run. You’ll thank yourself later when the insurance company is paying the bill that could’ve put you in debt.

How Can I Get An SR-50?

It’s not hard to acquire an SR-50 form when you go through the right channels. It will be tied in with purchasing insurance in the state of Indiana. When you finish figuring out the right insurance policy for you, with an accredited insurance company, then the insurance representative will file the SR-50 form with the BMV. This form will serve as proof of insurance with the state of Indiana and is required by law. You’ll also receive a copy of the SR-50 form to carry with you in your car, and will need to show it if you are ever pulled over. It may seem like a small thing, but in Indiana, this form will mean the difference between just a normal traffic stop, and a possible license suspension.

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