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Non-Custodial Parent Health Insurance

A non-custodial parent is one who does not have custody of a kid. They may have partial custody, but the parent who is considered to have full custody is considered the custodial parent. It’s a little confusing, but once you understand, it makes sense. Non-custodial parents who pay child support must help to provide health insurance for kids. This could mean providing insurance through an employer plan, paying extra child support to help pay for a children’s health insurance plan, or paying extra to help cover medical costs. 

What are your options for coverage if you need non-custodial parent health insurance?

Employee Health Insurance

If you have a job that provides you health insurance, and you are a non-custodial parent, then you can insure your kids through your employee health plan. It’s a good idea because it’s usually more affordable to do this rather than getting a separate plan. However, not all parents are employed, and not all of them who are employed have the ability to get health insurance through their jobs. If both parents have insurance through a job, one insurance will be primary and the other will be secondary. Then the secondary insurance can cover anything the primary insurance does not.

Insurance Exchanges

Another option for non-custodial parents is to get their kids a health insurance coverage plan through one of the Affordable Care Act insurance exchanges, whether it is one for a state or for the federal one. This is where you can apply for a subsidy that will make your kid’s health care and insurance even more affordable.

Medicaid or CHIP

If you can’t get either of the above, then you can try to apply for Medicaid or CHIP - the children’s health insurance program. These are free or very affordable ways to get health insurance for low-income people that can be used just about anywhere. There is a constant change to both these programs so keep following us here to find out what they are.

Do What You Say

In most child custody cases, if the parent who is supposed to file health insurance for the kids doesn’t do so, they will be responsible for paying for health care costs out of pocket. As you know, this can get quite pricey so getting health insurance for your children is a non-negotiable idea. Kids get sick and injured quite frequently so you need to make sure they are covered!

You Have to Work Together

When it comes to non-custodial parent health insurance, you will have to work together with your ex even if you don’t like each other too much. You will need to do so because the custodial parent must show proof of insurance for the child on their tax returns because the custodial parent claims them as dependents. This means that you don’t have to get along too well, but you do have to co-parent enough that you can send your ex-spouse a document so they can show the children have had insurance as required.

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