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International Student Health Insurance

Traveling is a large part of the student experience. There are all sorts of study abroad programs that last for a semester, a year or just a summer. During travel times students need to have health insurance because you never know what could happen. Students are also very financially vulnerable and any extra cost to them during this time could stick with them for their whole lives.

Some plans even include the US so that when your college student comes back to visit they will still be covered. One company known as International Student Health Insurance has four different levels of coverage for students who are going to be traveling abroad. They each have different levels of deductibles and coverage caps. They are all appropriate for students of any subject! Most schools require you to get some type of insurance, especially to go abroad. These travel insurance plans cover the requirements that most schools want you to have.

They offer travel medical insurance which is for more short term trips, and major medical which is for anyone who is planning to live and study outside of their home country for a longer period of time, probably for more than a year. Don’t go without health insurance even if you are student traveling abroad!

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