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Health Insurance for College Students

Kids in college have unique needs for health insurance. They are oftentimes young, usually between the ages of 18 and 22, but sometimes a bit younger or a bit older. There are times when adults go back to college and they are much older than the general population at school, but right now, we are referring mainly to the students who are around the regular college age. Most of the time these young and healthy people think they don’t need health insurance, but they are in a unique position because they are still working on building their careers and one slip up in the health department could cost them bigtime if they are caught without health insurance coverage. This is one reason why the Affordable Care Act made sure to keep them covered on their parent’s health insurance for longer.

Affordable Care Act for Under 26

The ACA allows kids to stay on their parent’s health insurance until they are 26 years old. That way health insurance for college students is easier to get than ever before. Many young people have taken advantage of this new scenario. The details are pretty plain to understand. Kids can stay on their parent’s plans even if they are married and living out of the house. They can still do it if they are eligible for health insurance from their employer and they can also keep their parent’s coverage if they are financially independent. Chances are their parents have better health insurance than them, so it makes sense that a lot of people would want to keep the insurance of the parental units.

College Health Plans

Most colleges, even some junior colleges offer their own health insurance plans. These usually provide coverage that will count, so students won’t have to pay the tax imposed on people who don’t have health insurance plans throughout the year. If you are in college and you want to have health insurance, contacting your college to find out what plans are available for you through them is a great idea. Student health plans through your college are a great idea that make it easier than ever for college students to get health insurance.

When College Students Should Get Their Own Insurance

If you are under 26, you probably want to stay on your parent’s plan as long as possible. This is because you will most likely save money that way. However, there are some situations in which college students should get their own health insurance. If you are going to college in a different state than your parents residence, you will want to check and see if there are many institutions that accept their insurance where you will be. If not, you probably want to get your own health insurance. Also, if your parents don’t claim you as a dependent anymore, you will want to get your own health insurance coverage.

Catastrophic Under 30 Plans

For those who are under 30 who must purchase their own health insurance, there is some good news. There are more affordable catastrophic insurance plans that are available only to people who are less than 30 years old. These are affordable plans with high deductibles that will really only help you out if you get a serious illness or you have a really bad accident. It’s a good way to protect your family. Even with a high deductible you’ll only ever have to pay that, instead of the hundreds of thousands of dollars of healthcare for a serious illness or accident. Once you hit 30, you’ll have to get a more usual health insurance plan. It’s a great option for health insurance for college students.

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