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Health Insurance for Children

Kids are a particular population of people who need to get insured. They are particularly vulnerable to illnesses and they are always falling down and getting hurt. Plus, they are vulnerable in that they don’t have their own resources and they’re typically not allowed to work, so if they get sick they rely on their parents to take care of them. That’s why the US has created a special program called CHIP to provide health insurance for children.

CHIP History

Chip stands for Child Health Insurance Program. This program was developed in the 1990s. It was a bipartisan effort that was sponsored by democratic senator Ted Kennedy and republican Orrin Hatch. The two designed the program to provide health insurance to poor kids and pregnant women who would otherwise not be able to afford health care on their own. It has lasted this long, but right now in 2017 the CHIP program is in danger of losing funding because of budget cuts. Keep checking back here on American Insurance to find the most current information about health insurance for children.

CHIP Applications

If you think you might be eligible for CHIP, then it’s really easy to apply. All you have to do is go to is fill out the application on your state’s health insurance exchange, or on the federal exchange. If you do qualify, they will let you know. If not, you might still quality for a subsidy to help pay for your child’s health insurance through a conventional health insurance plan. There is also a number you can call if you need further assistance to apply for CHIP.

Other Child’s Health Insurance Options

Even if you don’t need CHIP, you might be interested in a program that is specifically for children. Some children’s health insurance plans have extra coverage that adult plans just don’t. This might include vision coverage, dental care, and hearing tests. These are things that kids really need, so it’s good that they are covered for kids. It would be nice if everyone could get this type of coverage just as easily, but kids need it in particular because they are still growing and need all the help they can help. Many state have their own version of CHIP like Florida, which has FloridaCare and Connecticut with Husky Healthcare.

It’s Easy to Get Kid’s Healthcare

Health Insurance for Children is easier to get than ever. You can have everything you need for your kids whether or not you can afford a health insurance plan. It is always stressful when you are worried about your child’s health, which is what the CHIP program is for. Many parents hope it will continue for decades to come! Otherwise, there will hopefully be other solutions for health insurance for children to replace it. Keep reading the latest updates here to find out how to get the best health insurance for kids.

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