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AAA Insurance

General Description Of The Company

Founded in 1902, AAA automobile insurance is provided by the membership club AAA. Many people wonder if membership clubs offer excellent benefits and deals, and the verdict is that it can depend on the club.

AAA is well-recognized as both a motor club and a travel club. Many people, however, are not aware that AAA is one of the largest car insurance providers in the world. For consumers that are looking for standard auto insurance, AAA may not be the best choice for them, but for people looking for extras and add-ons it can be a fantastic choice.

Make sure to take a look at the discounts and benefits that are offered by AAA before writing it off. Many people find that they like the company not only because of its car insurance coverage, but also because of the benefits. The company is headquartered in Florida and has over 50 million members. It opened its first school safety patrol program in 1920 and is considered a pioneer in many ways. AAA has a huge interest in traffic safety and has worked to improve it over the years. It offers homeowners insurance, automobile insurance, and other financial services as well. Only members of the club can buy insurance for their vehicles.

Car Insurance In This Company

One of the most notable aspects of AAA automobile insurance, outside of their coverage, is their emergency roadside service program. It is well known throughout the world and has a fantastic reputation for its excellent customer service, dependability, and cost. The program is called AAA Accident Assistance.

AAA auto insurance receives high rankings in customer service satisfaction. Some of the ratings do vary by association, of which there are over 50 independent branches in the United States.

People can save money on their insurance policies by bundling them with other types of insurance. This is a great way to save money on your rates. For people who are looking for excellent roadside assistance, a highly ranked company, and a variety of membership discounts, AAA can be an excellent choice. Some people do choose not to get AAA because they feel the membership fees are too expensive and are not worth the added benefits and discounts.

Comparing Car Insurance Rates By Age

Insurance for seniors and teenage drivers can be more expensive with AAA insurance. This is typical for car insurance providers, so comparison-shopping is highly recommended.

Car Insurance Comparison By Driving History

A person's driving history has an impact on their rates, and AAA is no different than most other companies in this regard.

Compare Car Insurance By Credit Score

If you are living in a state that allows credit scores to impact car insurance, your rates may be affected. If your credit score improves, make sure to contact the company to see if it will lower your prices.

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