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Non Owners Car Insurance

When people first hear of non owner’s car insurance, they may be wondering why people would even consider getting insurance in the first place, if they don’t even own a car. Non owner policies are actually quite useful for a wide variety of reasons and they are available for a lot of different kinds of people. If you find yourself in need of insurance even though you don’t own a car, don’t worry! It’s absolutely not hopeless. Most car insurance companies do offer policies for people who don’t own their own car, because they want to help as many drivers get the car policy coverage that they need.

The main difference between non owner coverage and more typical policies is that you probably won’t get collision or comprehensive coverage, because those typically pertain to a specific car on the plan. Otherwise it’s pretty much the same thing and will cover you in the event that something happens while you are behind the wheel of a car - any car. 

So, who needs this different type of coverage in the first place? Well there are a lot of people who might consider getting non owner insurance.

First of all, if you plan on borrowing a car for a period of time then you will definitely want to be covered. It’s possible that your friend or family member’s car insurance may cover you if something happens, but there’s also the chance that you may be liable for any costs associated with any car accidents that happen under your watch. This goes double if you plan on borrowing a relative’s car to help cart them around town during an illness. You would not want to give them any added stress by causing them undue financial problems from issues that happened when you were behind the wheel.

If you rent a lot of cars or you tend to use car shares then you may consider getting extra coverage for yourself. That will help you out in the event that the insurance behind the rental car company isn’t up to snuff. You don’t want to be caught without enough coverage because you can rack up a lot of dough to pay out in that instance.

Other reasons to get non owner insurance are to keep your regular car insurance coverage costs low. If you have a break in car ownership, insurance companies may see a lapse in coverage as a bad thing, so it can cause your insurance rates to go up the next time you do get car insurance, which is never fun. 

Also, if you have had some problems in the past and have your license suspended, you may need to get insurance before you can get your license back. You might not have a car at the moment, because a vehicle can be an expensive cost when you can’t even drive it! However, some states require you to get your insurance coverage back before you can even get a license again. So, non-owner insurance makes complete sense in this case too.

If you want to make sure you’re covered every time you get behind the wheel of a car, you need to get some non owner insurance. It will cover you every time you drive which is an excellent feeling. You can always change your policy to add a vehicle if you end up getting one. Be safe out there and make sure you’re covered.

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