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Non Owner Car Insurance

If you don’t even own a car, why would you want to get car insurance? Well the funny thing is that there are actually quite a few instances in which you would want to get non owner car insurance to cover yourself in the event that you get behind the wheel of a car. You will probably want to make sure you’re covered every time you drive, so getting non-owner insurance is really worth it for a lot of people, especially if they drive a lot even if they don’t have their own car. Who could get this type of insurance?

  1. You had your license suspended. When your license is suspended because of a DUI or other offense, you might need to get car insurance before they will even give you a new license. If your license has been suspended for a while you might have sold your car already. If this is your case, then getting a non owner car insurance policy will suffice to help you get started with your license again.
  2. Car rentals and car shares. If you like to rent cars a lot to go on trips or you are a member of a car sharing company like Zip Car, then you may want to get extra car insurance. The car insurance that rental companies try to give you is so expensive that it really makes the cost of the rental go up by quite a bit. Car share companies do have insurance too, but having some extra coverage will put your mind at ease in case something happens that is not covered by that company. A non owner insurance policy provides peace of mind.
  3. You want to have continuous coverage. Car insurance companies like to see that you have had continuous coverage on your auto coverage record. If you don’t, your next policy price could go up. In order to keep their prices lower, some people keep insurance coverage even when they don’t have a car to keep their prices from going back up later on when they do end up getting a new car.
  4. You plan on borrowing cars. If your friend has a car that they want to loan you or will let you use upon occasion, you probably want to consider getting your own car insurance. This will make it so that you will not be liable for any extra costs that may not be covered by your friend’s insurance, which could save you a lot of money in the event of an accident.
  5. You’re going to be driving around a relative. How nice of you to volunteer to drive your ill relative around to their doctor’s appointments. People who are unable to drive might not have their own owner policy when they give up their driving ability. So, you should get some if you plan on getting behind the wheel of their car. Don’t get stuck driving someone around without any coverage on yourself or the car. Getting caught without insurance coverage is like being caught in your birthday suit, only a lot more costly.
  6. Anyone who doesn’t own a car but still plans on driving. Car insurance premiums for people who don’t own their own cars are a must if they plan on driving anywhere at any time. Car insurance is required for anyone who is driving on the road in 48 out of 50 states, and in the other 2 states you’ll still be liable for expenses incurred in an accident even if you aren’t the official owner of the car. Car insurance is completely essential!

So, how do you get non owner car insurance? It’s actually pretty easy. Most of the large insurance companies offer this type of coverage because they know how important it is for everyone to be able to get vehicle coverage who wants it. The one thing that is different about non owner car insurance versus regular car insurance for auto owners is that it doesn’t cover collision or comprehensive insurance, since you don’t own a car and they probably pretty much assume that the car you are driving will be covered under some other policy. However, everything else you would expect to get on a car insurance policy. The best part about non owner coverage is that it usually costs a least a bit less than regular insurance, meaning it’s a great way to save on car insurance policies.

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