The Affordable Care Act & Medicare

How Health Reform Affects Medicare

Many believe that the Affordable Health Care Act will negatively impact their Medicare Insurance Coverage. This is untrue. Medicare is actually protected under the Affordable Health Care Act. In fact, Medicare is not a part of the Health Care Insurance Marketplace, so your Medicare is not affected negatively.
Regardless of how you currently receive Medicare, if you receive Original Medicare or a Medicare Advantage Plan, you still can keep your same coverage. During open enrollment for the Marketplace, those that receive Medicare are not expected to do anything to change their benefits.
In fact, your Insurance Coverage under Medicare is impacted in a positive way. For example, the Affordable Health Care Act enables Medicare beneficiaries to receive more preventative services.

You Can Get More Care at No Additional Cost

Now, mammograms or colonoscopies are covered under Medicare. You receive the services without being charged the normal deductible or coinsurance under Part B. In addition, every year, you can get a free yearly physical or wellness exam.
Those Medicare beneficiaries that are in the donut hole can now receive a 55% discount on brand name prescription drugs. At the pharmacy, the discount is applied without you having to present any type of card. It is applied automatically. Additionally, the Affordable Health Care Act will completely close the donut hole by the year of 2020.
Another benefit that is useful to you is that your physicians get more support under this plan. This translates to the care you receive. There are incentives available to doctors for care coordination which means your treatments can be more consistent.
There has been much fear about the longevity of the Medicare program, but the AHCA will extend the Medicare plan, so you can rest easy knowing that the trust fund is extended for at least 12 more years. The cuts made reduce waste, fraud, and abuse of resources, so this frees up monies to extend the Medicare trust fund.
The fear that has been widespread about Medicare is based on in accurate information. As a result of the new laws in place, the Medicare program is on more solid footing, so you can rest assured that your coverage is not in jeopardy. It is still important for you to take advantage of Medicare Open Enrollment to make any changes that you may need to.
You have worked hard to get to the retirement phase of your life, and you do not need to worry about your medical coverage.

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